More info from Rachel! In…

More info from Rachel on #googleoutlook! In this screenshot (which you may not be able to see) there are 2 WAYS to RSVP if a google invite is sent to an Outlook user – the top section (Accept, Decline, Tentative) for Outlook, and on the bottom for (Yes, No, Maybe) for Google. Really google and outlook?

I tested this #googleoutlook experiment…

I tested this #googleoutlook experiment with Rachel, and she sent me this screen shot!


Results of our first Slack experiment!

The #noslackinghere hypothesis was that 3 out of 9 of our leaders would sign up within 24 hours (before our power building call today). Four leaders (Sarita, Jenny, Mehrdad, and Nikki) joined before our call! Since then, Ev, May, and Lauren joined also, leaving Smiley and George. Very good results for 24 hours.