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West Virginia Membership

July 20, 2018 – November 30, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we sustain JwJ given shifts in the 21st Century Labor Movement?
    • How might we align and build the internal staff team to maximize JWJs success in building individual membership?
    • How Might We align our strategies with the issues working people really care about?
    • How Might We engage strategic partners outside of our national staff to maximize JWJs success in building individual membership?
    • How Might We launch the membership lab in a way that energizes team members to start practicing with small imperfect experiments?
    • How might we support small all volunteer coalitions to raise money and collect dues from individuals?
    • How might we test the appetite for building a JwJ club or affiliate of individual members in West Virginia?


If we organize a training or other event for the individuals we have a relationship with in West Virginia, then we will be able to identify local leaders who are aligned with our values and who could engage with others to build an initial club.



Build foundation for and momentum towards our first non-coalition related JWJ club

Determine if we could get 40 people to agree to attend a training or other event in WV and at least 25-30 people to show up.

  • Make determination based on assessing interest from educators unions, ironworkers, UFCW, and UMWA in identifying rank and file leaders to attend.

Can we identify 2-3 leaders out of the training that we would want to engage further.

Can we sharpen an immediate next step for identified leaders to do to test them





  • Number of leaders identified at the training
  • Whether identified leaders engage in a next step post-training

Success would look like a set of rank-and-file leaders from different unions expressing interest in staying in relationship to each other around JWJ’s theory of change and taking an initial next step together.


Minimum standard of success would be that we identify potential 2-3 leaders and they are excited about staying in relationship with JWJ as individuals.


Failure would be indicated by a complete lack of participation in the initial assigned experiment. (Fairly low threshold.)





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