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Walking the Talk

June 18, 2018 – July 18, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we keep fossil fuels in the ground & drive a fast & just transition to 100% renewable energy future?


If we take small + specific actions, then it will develop managers’ equity practices.


Work with HR Manager to develop her work plan around equitable hiring policies.

Written work plan for the next month.  Weekly check ins. At end of check in ask how we are both feeling?  

Establish whether weekly meetings are necessary or biweekly meetings work best?

Evaluate the working process.  



By how many activities and goals we met.

Meeting 60% of goals and activities will mean a successful project.

We leave the check ins feeling energized.

Was the plan “right” sized?


  • Doing mini projects with other managers is a great way to do work to ease the tension of moving projects.
  • A big piece of capacity work is in how we design work plans; in order to alleviate capacity issues, creating clear roles and tasks help teams work around those issues.
  • The experiment gave clear goals and expectations because there was a clear work plan, calls and regular assessment.
  • The success of this experiment shows that experiments can be directly connected to current priority work.


Utilize the template with complex work to work with different managers where equity feels like a more urgent imperative.


Also replicate the small size projects with others.


Could you have people at the equity meeting have their first step and give specific support to those feeling more urgent?


Don’t want to conflate creating the equity plan (umbrella) with the specific work plan concrete times.

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