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Wakanda 4 ALL

December 7, 2018 – May 24, 2019
Women of Wakanda. Image courtesy: Black Panther the film.

How might we...

  • How might we embed in our demands structures (hopefully permanent) for people to govern
    • How might we ensure public funds are used for public good?


If we built in governance in all the solutions we are demanding, then we would have more impact and more control over our resources.

If we took seriously that our goal was wealth, (not income), redistribution, then our demands would get a structural shift.


Peer consult space, is bringing ideas here going to generate actual progress in our work and give us better campaigns.


Determine the demands that you want to bring to the table for feedback/collaboration.

Are there overlapping demands that we want to support that could fine tune and hone them to advance public good and governance.


What is the demand that is transformational for base and transfers power from target to base?


Test on being able to move affiliates /ED around this -does it catch fire and are people able to bring it through –  


Create Develop criteria to use to help sharpen the demands for public resources for public good.


Would be great to pick one campaign or issue, to generate types of demands we’re talking about. Working backwards on principles. Will show up question we’re thinking about. To sharpen what we’re talking about. Starting at the concrete then moving to concept.



That we want to test one of the campaign ideas that we’ve given peer feedback to.


Strengthen muscle as campaigners around developing the structural demands for wealth redistribution and who is really in power.


Resonate and catch fire with people’s imagination.  


Success would be to test a set of principles to land in our own campaigns and see how the opportunities can be tested.


  • Practices that change people’s comfortability.
      • Workers have stock ownership – set up expectation that as work you own part of the value.
  • Wanting some support space to identify what are good demands to advance our campaign towards changing the frame and narrative around public good?
  • A lot of us are in campaign whether its land issues, CBA fights. There’s often the challenge – same demands that can come up over and over. How do we look at them more critically? Do we need to add pieces to it? How do we shift the debate around public good?



Accountable Vivian, Lauren, Mackenzie
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