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The Norma Effect II

April 7, 2020 – May 7, 2020

How might we...

  • Governing Power: How might we shift governing power more towards justice?
    • How can we give more power to folks who have been historically marginalized?
    • How do we start living into democracy now at Washington CAN?
      • How might I model what I want my team to be feeling and doing, finding their own liberation in this fight for liberating our communities?
        • What would our work be if Mary was bolder; love for herself; and that translated into bolder for our community?


Our work will be more liberatory if Mary is bolder in love for herself and this translates into bolder for our community (eg. moving beyond surviving to liberated thriving).


Tapping into inherent worthiness and tuning into what body is saying. 

With team:

  •  Not skills training all the time, how are we having theoretical convo around value for the team? 
  • Team members finding their worth.

With self:

  • Un-training past habit of dominating body to serve others.
  • Moving from space of preventing injury to pleasure
    • Eg. Foam Rolling


  • Relishing in what I enjoy in work =  Time with members is Life Giving
    •  help build confidence in team members,
    •  help people push their growing edge.
  • More consciousness to my movement, how feeding self, how monitoring and relieving stress. 
  • Move into embodied understanding of worthiness.
  • Leadership of organization can envision bold thriving for their base.


  • There is no liberation by proximity.
  • This experiment is about autonomy and self determination and so much of that is linked with bodies, especially women’s bodies.  We must link our healings together.  As WOC, this requires giving ourselves grace and compassion that is often given to others.
  • Organizers are realizing that they are usually just told what to do,  now having them run their own campaigns. This can bring up their own feelings of inadequacy. Naming this feeling out is helpful and makes more possible.


Continue another iteration of this experiment


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