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Take Action Minnesota

February 25, 2019 – March 25, 2019

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might we build an infrastructure that supports individual donor cultivation and membership acquisition to be replicated and sustained?


If we build membership core team, that will strengthen members accountability to and from and also provide. 


  • Analysis of who would be on this membership core, mid level $150-2k-5k.
  • People put money into things and feel a stronger sense of accountability to and from our organization. 
  • Empathy Interviews-30 minutes
    • Developing main touchpoint for an invitation into cocreating a membership core that is an opening for their participation and membership folks be part of leadership assembly.
    • 2 questions (could be)
      • What would make you really excited to join this?
      • What would they want to change or keep the same about their engagement with Take Action MN?


3 empathy interviews.

Success would be having as a result a few ideas for how to start constructing the responsibility, engagement, access to decision making. As a place to start. What do these members care about?


Surprised at how effective this experiment framework was. The steps to identify the how might we question and develop a concrete design enabled me to identify the places to pivot and  pause with a precise lens for reflection. By letting the puzzle pieces sit, I was able to bring them together at the right time.


It is valuable to ask and pursue questions when you have no idea what the answer might be. I have this idea and I don’t know what the questions are yet.  The support to be able to do that through the process was important. 


It is so important to bring people along on the process and allow members and those invested to influence you and change your mind.


We are moving to work to launch a “Build Team” a group of people from staff, leaders, board members and sustaining members not officially affiliated. This team over  3-6 months plans to explore the questions that arose from the empathy interviews. In service of the larger question: what it would look like to have a membership core team and what space does it occupy in the organization?

For example is it a place where we are assigning specific mass and deep base that might be a support for all of the core teams?


As develop organizational experience of co-governing internally, how will the membership core team work with that?

Accountable Amanda
Team Take Action Minnesota
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Modified May 20, 2020


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