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Root to Rise

March 20, 2020 – April 17, 2020

How might we...

  • How might we find ways that integrate the meaning of care and collective care in a politicized way (based on political read of our role) that will allow for coherence and cohesion in JASS?
    • How might we use the openness in people in the moment to try new things?
      • How might we not cause a high level of instability but could allow us to try a different way?
        • How might we shed some of the embedded current practices that reflect DC work and go go culture?


Taking two days to breathe will reset us personally and then allow us to come together organizationally to reset.


High Level Assumptions:

  1. Something has broken, a rupture, and shifted remarkably. 
  2. Can’t proceed as everything is normal, we are in process of remaking pathways to find each other and our world is being remade.
  3. We’ve been mowed over, as a perennial, need to go back in in order to do the feeding and work so that perennial can emerge again. 


  • 2 day pause
  • Then JASS wide call
    • Reflect on pause, Checkin
    • Deep Convo on what seeing in our contexts and what that is telling us (moves us towards political context)
    • Working with Shauna Wakefield to do more embodiment work with us. 
  • Then what does this mean for the work?


  • Personal feeling : People will return after 2 day pause  grounded in themselves.  More able to see what is needed for themselves and having reached out and connected in that time. 
  • For JASS: hold in a way that will allow for holding the complexities and challenges to come for JASS. Being able to make specific choices around scenario A and B might be in this moment (eg scaling back, priorities, halt, redirect, etc)
  • JASS to be able to support the JASS ecosystem. The tree of life in a way that keeps it healthy, vibrant and meaningful in the offers to the world.   
  • For me the feeling of it is that I am in tune with what I am feeling and what is that telling me about the next step. 
  • Get a glimmer of this: Larger Goal: Regional directors and functional leads will be more in tune with their context(What does movement building look like in this moment?), the needs of their team and the work. So can come up with creatively how we make an offer as JASS.  
    • What can we use in regional context to make certain decisions and what do we need to come together strategically and organizationally? (stretching muscles in different ways)


  • Met all self defined measures of success. 
  • Relearning that in this moment, I can/need to trust my instinct.  I trusted what needed to happen and what needed to flow. I’ve known that I am good in crisis. Lived through many crises, living into it in a different way. 
  • Double edged part, in trusting your instinct, has to acknowledge that the instinct is coming from a place that sometimes mirrors our socialization and how we see the world. Times we can go with it and times when we must ask certain questions to unmask certain assumptions that could be rooted in a mainstream or male stream way of being and doing. 
  • We really are stronger if we are able to move together and co-create together. In this moment of my leadership I can be directive and co-creative, it is about discerning about when to be directive and when to hold space so that we build foundation together.  This was a time for directiveness and now we’re entering a co-creative part where my role is to hold the compass for JASS across planning, donors and the board.



Accountable Shereen
Team Shereen and JASS staff
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