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Power, Solidarity + Liberation Dashboard II – EveryAction

August 20, 2020 – September 13, 2020

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might EveryAction help us visualize our leadership ladder of engagement?


Tracking base-building goals in a clear and consistent way will help the organizing team prioritize leadership development as a core metric, and build group accountability.


Creating some internal team systems to better track and encourage base building.

  • Deciding what leadership roles TAMN will be recruiting for as part of their election program. 
  • Create ‘Leadership asks’ activist codes in VAN. 
  • Training the team on this system.
  • Testing out the EveryAction



  • Create a ‘container’ that can hold at least 500 people. The three teams! 
    •  People’s forum , Remember in November, Field Team 
  • Get at least 500 people to sign up for one of the three teams. 
  • 100% follow up from the mass base bots (DyAnna’s work that is feeding into it)
  • Organizers are intentionally owning designing roles for leadership and actively recruiting people to fill those roles. 
  • Create a visual tracking system so that the organizing team can better visualize their work and have group accountability. → Creating this form in EveryAction.


  • Create clear roles and responsibilities for volunteer leaders
  • Create smaller leadership opportunities as pathways to bigger ones.
  • Leaders are willing to participate in planning and decision making within a clear structure.
  • Empower and guide volunteer leads help them become decision-makers.


  • Making room for leaders to have expanding and growing roles, rather than a static role. 
  • Be explicit about how we build decision making into all of our leadership roles, not just execution. 



  1. How can we structure a leadership model where our Leads are also managing up to 5 people? 
  2. How do we scale and still keep that alignment? At what size does scale start to impact quality? Both for the volunteer leaders and as well for organizing staff? 
  3. How can we maintain and develop deeper relationships with leaders when we can’t meet in person?
Accountable Sabrina
Team Sabrina and Organizing Team, Britton
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