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Perennial Power

March 9, 2020 – May 20, 2020

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might we support a core of organizers to translate what lives in their heads and hearts about their deep base into our database to build power?


If we listen to stories from organizers then we can inform improved data practices across all organizers.


Defining PICO CA’s base and determining the data we need and want to track. Examining organizational cultural practices around data.

  • 4 convos, Lisa identifies:
    • 2 organizers who are being successful in it
    • 2 organizers who want to be more successful in it. 
    • Then in conversation!!!
  • Questions for Convos:
    • What does data enable you to do? 
    • What have the organizers been enabled to do? 
    • What motivates you to do it? (tips/tricks)
    • If not: What do you need? / What’s getting in your way?
    • Has there been a time in the past when data has served you?
  • Draw out themes



  • 2-3 clear next steps on what organizers might need to build their data culture branched within their culture. 
  • Some ideas sprout on how organizers can support each other around data culture. (eg. one hour block where did data entry)


  • Conversations were postponed due to urgent organizing and murder of George Floyd. Data conversations are important but not urgent, like a fractal of what organizers might feel. 
  • Lisa is going to rethink the questions for these conversations. Will focus on less technical and more relational questions. Less tactical and more strategic approach to the conversations. 
  • People know the right answers (sunday school)  to the tactical questions but that doesn’t correspond or match up to experiential knowing. 
  • Important to acknowledge that data has been used historically and systemically to further racial oppression and is predominately used by white data strategists to make decisions that POC often have to carry out. This acknowledgement could open deeper conversation.



Accountable Lisa Thornton
Team Lisa T and 4 organizers
Documents Design + Log
Modified May 29, 2020
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