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Operation Rockstar

February 1, 2019 – May 7, 2019

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How can we deepen synergy between state and local campaigns and power building?


If we make consistent, targeted asks via digital platforms with a compelling narrative and content then we will begin to build a formal base and a sustainable small donor program.


Conduct  a 6 week Organizing Campaign with rigorous online outreach to current email and SMS list of 60,00 Supportive Voters.


  • Develop a series of asks that will go out to our supportive voters . (asks will range from petition, to letter campaign, to legislative/corporate target to donations), to IRL ask. (VS/LA)
  • Develop target universe to A/B test asks. (VS/BS)
  • Develop an email, SMS, and social media 6 week calendar and content (1-2 communications to go our per week over 6 weeks).  (VS)
  • ID one anchor who will have an IRL event to funnel digital leads. (LA)
  • Co-create experiment and support Anchor IRL follow up with digital leads. (LA/BN)

ID content, creative, tech and infrastructure needs. (VS/BS)


GOAL: Raise $2,500 from test appeals, generate online leads that take deeper levels of action.


        MEASURE: Donations, new email signups, online actions and RSVP’s.


Minimum success

Moderate success

At least 100 small donors.


Victor can say, “yes we’ve figured it out!” and sigh of relief.

“Feel on our way to rich”


We’ve asked in a way that is proud and aligned with our work.


Were anchors able to do this and take leadership?  Develop experiment together on how to take IVE up a notch. Mutually beneficial. – ask Anchor at beginning and end about this.


We started out very ambitious and the amount of prep that was needed around the data analysis to get the most out of the experiment was more.


If we don’t match the data first then our results will suffer and we won’t be able to develop the shared learning. We want to be able to find out that people who opted into our email and are down with us on one or two issues are more likely to respond.  Rather than simply saying x% are with us. This will help give us more a 360 view of who CA Calls voter is.


Pause experiment and focus on data matching first.


Accountable Victor Suarez, Lydia Avila, Brian Nguyen, Sabrina Smith.
Team California Calls
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Modified December 18, 2019
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