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NVM Membership

September 10, 2020 – October 10, 2020

How might we...

  • Governing Power: How might we shift governing power more towards justice?
    • How might we create a system and database to track DeepBase members in a way that helps NVM organizers better achieve their goals?
      • How might we train NVM organizers to better use data and technology when building a Deepbase?


A systematic process to assess leadership levels will ground organizers to enable them to develop leadership development plans for members and further opportunities for member ownership responsibilities.


Main steps to implementation:

  • Need to map the membership structure roles to ActionBuilder systems
    • Aruna to set up a call with their reps at ActionBuilder to talk through set up. 
  • Getting current data into ActionBuilder and tagged correctly. 
    • Aruna flagging that based on the Loudon team the cleanup and formatting of the data was a really big lift. Not a lot of NVM team capacity for that right now. 
    • Harold can help them clean up lists and give input on how to do it efficiently
  • Training organizers to use the system. 
    • Will include why we’re doing this for organizers to know how this will help their work. 
    • And how they’ll get ongoing support and questions answered. 
    • Baselab + ActionBuilder will support. 
  • Updating tracking dashboards
    • Thomas is reviewing initial draft of ActionBuilder dashboard and will send questions and notes for what else to show to Harold and Matt. 
  • Review systems in October
    • Is all the data showing up where it should? 
    • Is it useful to track membership along their ladder? 
    • Are organizers embracing it and finding it valuable? 


Success looks like:

  • Being able to see people move up leadership ladder and track in database, be able to pull a report that is meaningful to staff and members. 
  • Organizers are bought in and find this valuable to their work.
  • Relatable and easy way to be able to articulate with anyone what this looks like. (eg. someone in another department)
  • Track leadership on a bigger scale at least
    • Track Level 1 and 2 in the hundreds.
  • Be able to determine goals for leadership engagement and levels given initial data. (eg. lots of level 1 and 3, no one on level 2)
  • Decide if we want to create a container for ambiguity level or not.
  • Moving all our data tracking from google spreadsheet to action builder- will feel like a first for state groups, poised to be groundbreaking! Will feel ecstatic! 

Failure would be:

  • Creating a system that raises more questions than answers them. 
  • We tried it and it looks nice but we are still using google spreadsheets (have to unlearn that process)




Accountable Thomas & Aruna
Team Thomas, Matt, Gihan, Harold, Alison, Aruna
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Modified November 2, 2020
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