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Matchmaking Potluck

March 21, 2018 – April 10, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we keep fossil fuels in the ground & drive a fast & just transition to 100% renewable energy future?


If a strong group is invested in recruiting a specific group (geographically connected) into the movement cohort and this group has an initial conversation with the other group then we’ll distribute recruitment and gain insight into design for the cohort and desire to participate.


Deborah introduces the Movement Network Council and invites people to have initial conversations about movement network recruitment on Friday.  These could be joint convos with Deborah or not.

  • What organizational goals do the group have?


If no one speaks up on the network council then Deborah may follow up or set up before the call with folks in MA, Seattle, MN.


2-3 AA groups have conversations with another group in their region who is a potential candidate for movement building cohort.


We gain feedback from the conversations:

  • Network Council, what if anything they were able to assess around political alignment.
  • Feedback from groups
    • Who is interested?
    • We’d be interested in BLANK if ……

Gain insights into what components, we’d include in a structure matchmaking assessment. Ex. Investing in success of their groups with shared commitments to overall movement building approach re: climate and racial justice.

Do we want to keep moving forward with peer recruitment?  


  • Network council members are invested in the cohort program.
  • If we ask them to make time to support it they will do it.
  • Important to invest everyone in the experiment and understand how it is moving our strategy forward.
  • Need to be careful in experiment design, to test things in stages that build upon each other.


To involve NC members in recruiting process, 4 people volunteered!

To do an initial test recruitment call without a Network Council first to make sure we have optimized for the calls we bring on NC members.


How to incorporate experimentation lens/practices into our ongoing work in a way that is not too onerous for our limited capacity.


Yes we will do another interation, in the sense that this is part of a larger pilot project and we are building upon it. The final metrics will be in the quality of recruits to the program and the ongoing engagement with Network Council groups.

Accountable Deborah
Team Patrick + Deborah
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