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August 20, 2019 – October 1, 2019

How might we...

  • Governing Power: How might we shift governing power more towards justice?
    • How can we have more of our members represented on our own governing board?
      • How do we start living into democracy now at Washington CAN?
        • How might we build a leadership council structure that mirrors our values ( eg in which there is equity and everyone feels powerful)?
          • How might this team of 4 design and guide the process for determining the structure and power of the leadership council?


    The team of 4, what they are thinking about for reengaging the Leadership Council is the right call because they are the Leadership Council


    • Share out Mary’s experience of working with Team of 4 from Leading By Example Experiment
    • Determine what question do they want to answer by the end of the process
    • Propose that they lead the, outreach, invites and  design to in person LC meeting
    • Mary listens and is open to be changed


    • Success: We have a plan of outreach and content for the first LC in person meeting. And the agenda and the HMW is designed by the Team of 4. 
    • Failure:  Leadership Council meeting is facilitated, agenda set by, inviting done  by Mary.
    • How will you know?
      • Benchmarks include conversations are happening about how the day is run and the Team of 4 are part of that process. 


    I shared that I made a mistake because was fearful and then lost the opportunity to create a process as a way to model what democracy could look like at this organization, with staff, with C3, wC4 board. This significantly shifted the energy and possibilities with the board.  

    I with the Team of 4 is NOW creating conditions to shift the thought process about how we build a more equitable board.

    — there is space to do this in the C4 board too. (originally was only thinking about C3 board) and C4 needs it too.



    Accountable Mary Le Nguyen
    Team Washington CAN
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    Modified January 3, 2020
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