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Long Arc: Heart Sparks + Strikes III

December 1, 2019 – January 30, 2020

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might we create communities rooted in freedom and liberation for all people?
      • How might we develop an organizing strategy rooted in a long arc, with the power to win a just and equitable city and state?


      Envisioning our desired future will make strategic impact, immediately and lasting, in our organizing.


      1.5 day gathering with people.



      We spend time embodying our future selves for a portion. 

      People see and feel the strategic value now of doing this future thinking work. 

      This as a necessity rather than a luxury. 

      30-35 people is ideal number. At least third to a half are grassroots leaders

      3-4 people who want to be part of ongoing crew of people to think about what comes next and building momentum and action forward. 

      It feels spacious, not planned in 5 minute increments. 

      We ground in our bodies and access our imaginations (and this helps us be in the present and clearly vision our desired future).

      Imagination is more important than knowledge!!!

        • Design fosters and holds space for embodiment and imagination. 
        • People are ready for the space, either preconversations or prereading that allow for more full engagement including in activities that require ways of knowing beyond intellectual. 



      Learned about practice necessary to have successful outside facilitation

      The old heads struggle in a space in which convo is very different than used to and many people couldn’t find the value of this different way of looking at it. 

      Younger WOC want to lead with their hearts and their minds and find power in leading that way and appreciated deeply the space.


      Having follow-up conversation with people. 

      Dig deeper with the hearts and minds people.


      Accountable Amisha Patel
      Team Grassroots Collaborative (Illinois)
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      Modified July 22, 2020
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