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Long Arc: Heart Sparks + Strikes

June 25, 2019 – August 31, 2019

How might we...

  • How might we create communities rooted in freedom and liberation for all people?
    • How might we develop an organizing strategy rooted in a long arc, with the power to win a just and equitable city and state?


    If  I host dinners to dream big and invite big picture thinking from people then it will spark ideas and excitement for a collaborative process moving forward.


    Email invite. Determine specific outreach. Consider folks from out of town. 

    Host 3 dinners.

    Offer 2-3 questions to people at dinner. 

    Develop documentation that can be used and built upon.


    • People feel energized and minds are sparking  from dinners, not that we answer all the questions but feel synergy. 
    • People leave ruminating on the conversation. 
    • It feels spacious, not planned in 5 minute increments. 
    • There is documentation that can be used and built upon. 
    • 8 people is ideal number.


    Long Arc isn’t only strategy or external exercise, we need to anchor it in who we are, our people, our communities. The starting point of us in the work and us as POC.  Leading with heart and not leaving it out the conversation is essential.

     Conversation and dynamics were shaped by who is in the room. 

    Thinking 7 generations in the future is a practice that we aren’t practiced at. An open convo at dinner that goes into future convo is hard. Next time want to name that and affirm the need for when there isn’t enough space to talk about present condition, how important it is to have that.


    Continue with two more dinners, each with the same people possibly in Oct/Nov. 

    Plan for 1.5 day gathering in December that feels different and creates space for future dreaming.


    Is there  a light touch way I could have guided focus back to long arc?  Eg. Prepped questions ready to redirect it or throw in the mix?


    How can I connect the present and future in gatherings?

    Can we take the first conversation and realities of what it is like for each of us in this work and keep pushing forward to imagine the long arc despite how uncomfortable it is?

    Accountable Amisha Patel
    Team Grassroots Collaborative (Illinois)
    Documents Design + LogExperiment Folder
    Modified July 22, 2020
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