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Leading by Example

March 5, 2019 – May 18, 2019

How might we...

  • Governing Power: How might we shift governing power more towards justice?
    • How do we start living into democracy now at Washington CAN?
      • How might I start to build the policy for democracy within WashingtonCAN?
        • How does the leadership council want to live into democracy?


If we engage grassroots board members and the leadership council before new policy is finalized, then we find a way to live into democracy now.


  • Grassroots board members are owning more of the process. They are taking on the role of calling other members.We all take responsibility for taking input and developing a policy around it for new board members.
  • Board members are physically having the conversations. 3-5 conversations for each board member over a month with different leadership council members.  
  • Board members are able to pull themes together from these conversations..
  • I will feel like I’m doing my job and stepping into leadership that I want to (i.e., continuing to develop people’s leadership at all levels).
  • I will feel relief of not having to shoulder it all.



Outcome desired was authentic conversations where each member felt ownership of a piece but that not everyone needed to redesign every aspect of it. (How do people own pieces of this without having to hold all of it, smarter with our time and energy)

That at Washington CAN acknowledging that this practice is essential. Assigning and assessing if this is related to current skill set and needed or something most challenged by or a role that we need filled AND ensuring equitable distribution over time between people.

This is what I said I wanted to do and giving grace for the time. 

Recognizing this is the time for letting other people lead it rather than me solo and to create a process and end goals together means that it has to slow down and can’t be me designing

If democracy is lived out then I do it at every opportunity. Not have people just give feedback and agree with me. Maybe what we learn is that they want drafts but I’d rather skew on the side of not designing it myself and slowing down is ok. 

Because we want to learn what is the best way to operate the best way on shifting decision making at the organization. And the time is necessary, for developing board members to come from a place of power and know that these people wlll invest this power differently and know that they are leading it rather than implementing someone else’s vision. 

How is Data Being Shared?

The space is carved out in all of our board meetings to talk about this data. What are the ?s we want to ask of the leadership council and how are we reading them together so we can design a process where 

How to facilitation convo about data and analysis?

With funder want to be disciplined with how we are we using the data. 

Wrapping up is pulling in learning from data from LC conversations

This experiment can be parallel with the other new base lab experiment.



  • Do I start the conversations with the next board members from where Jack and I left off or do I replicate the conversation with all of them. Then how do we reconcile the questions if we want to keep it simple.  
  • Facilitate where guidance and not rubber stamp what Jack said.
Accountable Mary Le Nguyen
Team Washington CAN
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Modified May 20, 2020
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