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In Your House Organizing

January 28, 2019 – March 15, 2019

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might the political, digital and organizing departments seamlessly move interested people to being supported members?
    • How might we organize the tools that we learn we need, people and relational power?
      • How might we influence and motivate and train enough working and poor people that we build the power to win elections/policy/ in our communities?
        • How might we facilitate a process that gives the grassroots the most data and information about themselves and then move them to action with that information?


If the meetings are virtual then more people who are directly impacted could show up because they won’t have as many transportation issues, time crunch is less.


2 meetings with a virtual option  to increase attendance of people who are directly impacted by the criminal justice system.

DaMareo to share with Rachel and Fred.



  • 2 meetings with option to join virtually between now and mid March.
  • Second meeting has less technical difficulties than the first, we learn from the first.
  • 10-20% of people are online. If 30 people in room, 3 people are virtual.  – it sounds like this success measure is related to the proportion of people online vs in person. Are you trying to shift that proportion in order to be successful?
  • 60% of the online people are directly impacted – how would you collect this data?
  • Wider range of perspectives, hearing more perspectives aligned with those of people impacted in comparison to in person only meeting.
  • Want people in meetings to take action and bring more people into the second call and be able to show up for actions (eg. protest at county court or county exec or reposting event. ) — is this outcome directly related to the experiment of a virtual option? If so, how would you measure it?
  • Online participation increases from meeting 1 to meeting 2.
  • Total meeting attendance (including virtual participants) is higher than what is typical.
  • At least one person who joined online is someone who would not have participated at all without a virtual option — how would you want to collect this data (Zoom lets you poll participants)?


This experiment has been closed. A version was carried out and we’re awaiting details.



Accountable DaMareo Cooper, Rachel Collier, Fred Ward
Team Ohio Organizing Collaborative
Documents ❃ Discovery Worksheet Design + LogExperiment Folder
Modified January 6, 2020
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