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Houston, We Have A Problem

January 7, 2019 – March 22, 2019

How might we...

  • Governing Power: How might we shift governing power more towards justice?
    • How can we do it in such a way that it engages leaders to give them more leadership of the campaign strategy?
    • How can we do it in such a way that it engages leaders to give them more leadership of the campaign strategy?


If we do the research then we will challenge the right people. 


  • Invite Celeste into process and check on timeline with leaders, can leaders focus on this. (testing readiness of people on teams, starting to refine the tools)
  • Narrow scope to focus on something, eg. apt development. (Crystal + Celeste)
  • What info do we already have and put that on a map before go to teams?
  • Dig in on the research piece to build a power map that identifies our gaps in knowledge
  • and then giving people teams.
    • How much do we need to have before? How much is enough?


  • We are able to move  to distributed research.
  • Leaders feel like they have ownership over power analysis.
  • Staff and leaders understand power and how decisions are made in local gov’t  – understanding of why targeting developer, how does ecosystem work? How does that impact how we end up having governing power?
  • Through participating in research people will have their own uncovering and connect the dots.
  • How will we know if people are connecting the dots? We’ll have to do a revised power map. – they will see the need for it.
  • Feeds into campaign plan. People’s creation of campaign will tell us if they connected the dots.


  • Organizationally we are trying to move policy and go directly to elected leadership to win. We’ve never been surfacing the monied interests that are also pulling at those politicians and winning 10x more than we ever do. Clear in Houston where we did a lot of work to get Mayor elected and haven’t gotten much out of it.
  • Houston – no zoning, wild west market when it comes to housing, development and gentrification. Our ability to win has been limited because we haven’t had the right strategic analysis of how decisions are getting made. If we can do that, we will have robust campaigns with real target to organize better, more aggressively.
  • We haven’t done the fundamental research to understand who’s holding the power and the pull-strings.
  • Unearthing what is really happening behind the scenes in this policy making.
  • Houston campaign around housing and recovery: there’s a mayoral election in Fall 2019. We’re trying to figure out who’s controlling development and real estate in the city and county.



Accountable Crystal Zermeno
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