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Gathering the Flock

March 5, 2018 – April 30, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we sustain JwJ given shifts in the 21st Century Labor Movement?
    • How might we align and build the internal staff team to maximize JWJs success in building individual membership?


If  we spend more time  investing our full staff in the membership experiments as critical to the survival of our organization and future, then we will add to our collective capacity, skill and creativity to increase our success rate.


Have the discussion and test which staff jump into what role they may play and contribute to the membership experiments.

Include Lara and coalitions running the experiments (North Bay, MO, IN) in the session to ground this as a network-wide need and opportunity, and to promote collective knowledge sharing. 

Design/Plan a deep dive discussion at Spring Staff Retreat with the MTeam.

Use EL Map to learn from previous and current experiments in both meetings (above)…Framing Question: “How might we sustain JWJ network as union contributions and union density shrink?”

Maybe consider an outside person to come in to inspire and provide background or context for this effort.



Creation of a formal chartered membership experiment team of invested staff, which is a shift from a incubation effort.  Post charter template and example to SLACK.



  • Investment of staff members that can move this   We should think about who needs to be bought in to influence the staff.  What do we mean by investment?
  • The MTeam see this as core to our work versus a side/silo project. (We did this)
  • The whole staff sees the urgency of this as core to our work/survival  (and core to their work plans) versus a side/silo project that they aren’t a part of (Seeded).
    • Membership goals reflected in key staff work plans
    • 80% of all staff work plans help support, build alternative funding sources and/or membership engagement models
  • Outcomes in terms of success rate we are striving for____….
  • Each member of the team decides on a leadership development goal that speaks to the collective creativity, skills, and capacity for the experiment.


Important to bring people along so they see themselves in the big changes we’re trying to make.  Announcements re other transitions were accepted without as much of the expected push-back in part I think because of the level at which we included the MTeam in discussions on paradigm shifts


Membership Lab Created

Staffing positions and work plans getting adjusted to reflect updated priorities


What are we going to be able to let go of, and when to improve our chances of success?

Accountable Smiley
Team Smiley, Mackenzie, Joe, Sarita, and Lara. Plus MTeam
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Modified September 28, 2018
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