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Gathering Constellations

June 10, 2020 – July 26, 2020

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might we provide the technological tools for leader-organizers to track and effectively communicate with their organizing team members?


If we train a dynamic and diverse group of fellows across 3 sites (19 fellows) on using new digital tools in their organizing, then we can empower them to build local mass bases in their communities, and develop a model to use across the state.


  • Develop training curriculum with Baselab support.
  • Implement trainings and evaluations.


With fellows:

  • People with low digital literacy can use and adapt to organizing knowledge and skills
  • Demystifying digital organizing and tools. 
  • Feels insurmountable is moved into something doable with less labor than presumed. 
  • Learning how to continue to integrate digital with leaders who have organic networks that we haven’t in the past. Expand the scale faster and broader. 

Across 3 Sites:

  • How will people rooted in three different communities use this?  The culture change work on multiple levels. 
  • Eval forms across the trainings to incorporate and learn. 

Staff Organizers are becoming more skilled trainers and learning along the way:

  • More insight about art and science of training 
  • What are pieces that helped organizers make this transition. 
  • What self awareness is needed.
  • What can be replicated.


  • We’ve seen every one of the fellows move into some heightened level of leadership and activity in response to opportunities and needs of the pandemic and uprisings
  • People were happy to see each other and be part of statewide team that is learning a set of skills, but didn’t replace the vibes we would have had with the previously scheduled (and canceled) in-person 2 day retreat. 
  • No allergic reaction to the technology focus and using Outvote from fellows which surprised some organizers. There was some unevenness — about 12-14 fellows just dove right in, there was another 4-6 that struggled a bit but grew and are more familiar now. There’s a hunger that we now know people want this. 
  • Dispelling fears over people adapting to technology. Making it bilingual helped to welcome folks into the space. Zoom offers a live translation tool. 
  • Made error flipping  between admin and user side of app, just focus on user side and experience. Phase two would be to move folks who are ready to move into admin/organizers side.  
  • Homework assignments were key. Even with the homework assignments, there is an assumption that fellows will need more practice to really integrate these digital tools in their organizing. 
  • Learned for ourselves that people who are not digital organizers or don’t know the groups well should not assume we can throw a training together quickly, second training had some bombs. Good lessons about how to do this responsibly and quickly.



  1. How could we make the trainings online feel more like in person organizing events? 
    • (eg. what could the pedagogy of organizing bring to these more technically focused training to make more synergistic connections between tech and organizing)
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