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Debit Card Experiment

September 21, 2018 – November 30, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we sustain JwJ given shifts in the 21st Century Labor Movement?
    • How might we support small all volunteer coalitions to raise money and collect dues from individuals?


If provide access to an online fundraising site and pay the money out via debit cards so that they don’t need to open bank accounts, small all-volunteer groups will have an easy mechanism to collect dues (or donations) from individuals and will be more likely to do it.


Partner with one solidarity coalition or new Organizing Committee that does not currently do online fundraising.


Set them up and train them on Action Network and provide training in using it and coaching on how to make fundraising asks or organizing small events.


Provide payouts via Debit Cards linked to our bank account so that we can set restrictions on use, and directly track the money. Ask the local coalition to submit a budget for use and receipts for expenses, but since the money will technically be ours, and we will maintain records and report on it, the local coalition will not need to maintain bookkeeping or worry about reporting.  


Track amount of new revenue the coalition raises, as well as the amount of time required from us to administer.




We are trying to test three things:

  • Whether providing debit cards will help to spur more online fundraising,
  • How much time it takes us to set up and administer each debit card.
  • Whether local coalitions perceive it as a benefit that strengthens affiliation to us.


We will measure the outcomes by:

  • Tracking online fundraising and comparing to previous individual fundraising totals.
  • Tracking time by all involved national staff.
  • Interviewing both involved local leaders and involved national staff after 6 months of use to assess their experience.


Minimum measure of success is that the participating coalition raises at least $xxx online and feels positive about the experience, and that national staff involved feel that the time spent was proportionate to the impact. 

Failure would be the local coalition not using the debit card or raising less than $xxx over the test period.


We don’t know what the outcomes of lessons learned were at this time. We hope to share in the future. 

In the meantime checkout the awesome work of Jobs with Justice here:



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