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Crowne Royale

April 20, 2020 – May 13, 2020

How might we...

  • Governing Power: How might we shift governing power more towards justice?
    • How might we build a sustainable online deep base community using issue campaigns?
      • How might we test for the best tactics and tools for recruiting people to join an online community?


If we recruit people to join an online community as a low barrier to entry for an issue campaign, then we can drive action and grow our deep base simultaneously.


This experiment would be centered on a tangential campaign to the Right to Vote work that is more timely in this moment of crisis. So instead of focusing on pushing for a RTV amendment, this campaign would center on pushing the state government to provide resources for those recently released from prison so they can safely integrate back into society. 

This experiment is intertwined with Connect 6 Experiment

Set up: 

  • Create universes for 4 types of recruitment outreach to join a Facebook group around support for recently de-carcerated. 
    • P2P Texting – Voter file list of potentially impacted
    • Email list — NVM active emails via NationBuilder
    • Facebook Ads — TBD target universe
    • Phonebanking — List of likely impacted from allies
  • Create a container Facebook group to recruit people to join. 
    • Set up application questions to track:
      •  their source of recruitment as well as if
      • how they’ve been directly impacted by mass incarceration?. 
  • Create standardized scripts / messaging for each approach. 


  • Launch recruitment outreach to all 4 groups the same week. 
  • Track sign ups to Facebook group by source (using questionnaire  info to let know who you are and easy) 
  • Facebook group is actively moderated w/ daily actions and engagement. New applications approved and new members welcomed each day. 
  • Actions prepared on the campaign to share in FB group: 
    • Petition, Call the governor, Share w/ friends. 


Core success metrics: 

  • New Facebook group members by source
  • Conversion rate = Success / attempts (or impressions for ads)
  • Facebook group activity
    • What % of new members post a comment or take an action

Qualitative Success:

  • After 30 days is the Facebook group still active? How active?
  • Is it still growing organically? 
  • Has it been successful in creating leaders for organizing team? 
  • We can develop best practices and systems to replicate this online recruiting  across issue campaigns. 


  • When coming up with an experiment in the abstract, easy to include ideas that don’t pass muster. Can’t do FB add for 12 people, don’t have email addresses. 
  • We want to orient the experiment to fit the campaign. 
  • Had a timeline to move forward a petition and chose to pause that and pivot to cancel rent. 
  • People have varying understandings of digital and organizing. Helpful to bridge those gaps- including vocabulary -and closing gap rapidly, even more important during COVID. 


Go forward with another round, not with email. Focus on text and FB.  Phone calls didn’t fit the needs of the campaign, would take a long time to get through 1000 with one organizer and untrained leader- didn’t match the task of being in an online community. Using P2P and FB ads.  Want to get a sense of how digital ads will work versus hustle or where to place our emphasis.


Accountable Aruna, Christopher, and Thomas
Team Aruna, Matt, Gihan, Alison, Christopher, Thomas
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Modified July 22, 2020
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