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Courageous Practice

March 13, 2018 – April 13, 2018
Forward Together Staff Members

How might we...

  • How might we integrate Courageous Practice more deeply across our teams?
    • How might we embed Courageous Practice into our directors meetings so that directors are more comfortable with engaging in Courageous Practice?


If we use Courageous Practice within teams  then it will provide teams and directors greater insights to their work and teams.

If we ask directors to engage in one Courageous Practice activity with their teams in the next month and share their reflections then we’ll gain insights into a longer term strategy for CP integration into teams.


Step 1: Engage Directors at a Director meeting in the convo about deepening our CP work within teams. Facilitate a brainstorm of taking  this first step in deepening CP and in providing feedback to what works and what doesn’t. Have directors answer the question: What makes your excited? What makes your nervous? What do we all know that directors could feel comfortable leading? Completed by XX

Step 2: Ask Directors to engage in one CP activity within a team meeting within a 30 day cycle. Ask Directors to document the date, activity, and results. Completed by XX.

Step 3: Revisit conversation with Directors about what they learned, what was useful, etc. Document lessons. Completed by XX


    • Did Directors get new insights?
      • What were they?
    • Did using CP stimulate a different convo?
    • Did people on the team participate in a different way?
    • Did using CP build energy in the meeting?
    • Did using CP build a shared understanding of the approach/problem/solution etc.
    • Did the CP practice shift anything in what they plan to do?  (yielded/influenced/implicated)


Forward Together pivoted quickly to adapt this experiment to serve their needs, see the next iteration.


With an internal transition, a new iteration and hypothesis was developed.


Accountable Kalpana
Team Directors Team: Jeana, Leslie, Jessica, Erin, Moira, Kalpana
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