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Can’t Google and Outlook just get along?

April 13, 2018 – April 27, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we communicate more easily with each other?
    • How might we integrate google and outlook calendars?


If we test and collect information on Google Calendar and Outlook integration, then we can seek ways to mitigate the integration issue.


After the design call, Julia will send Smiley a test recurring google-calendar invite and collect information on any issues Smiley is experiencing.

Julia will also test the calendar invite with other Outlook users, including Rachel.

After sending each test, Julia will investigate the information that Smiley and Rachel provides and seek ways to mitigate the integration issue.


Julia will use qualitative measurements based on what Smiley and Rachel share from the test.

Julia will track whether Smiley and Rachel’s RSVP responses translate to Julia’s Google calendar and Smiley’s Outlook.


When an Outlook user receives a google invite, the options are: accept, decline, tentative. A Decline of this invite was sent to (my) Google calendar just fine.

On recurring invitations, when clicking Accept to an invite, the Outlook user (Smiley) is taken to Google Calendar, but won’t save to Outlook. *This is a problem with integration.*

When Google calendar invites are sent to an Outlook user, they must RSVP in 2 ways: Accept/Decline/Tentative at the top so that it adds to their Outlook calendar. And then, they must also click on Yes/No/Maybe inside the calendar invite to add it to the Google user’s calendar. *This is not very efficient and may be contributing to the problem*


Julia needs to look at alternative ways to make sure that calendar invites show up on both Outlook and Google calendars.


What alternative methods allow for integration of Outlook and Google calendar?

Who else is using Outlook that I can continue to test this with?




  1. I tested this #googleoutlook experiment with Rachel, and she sent me this screen shot!


  2. More info from Rachel on #googleoutlook! In this screenshot (which you may not be able to see) there are 2 WAYS to RSVP if a google invite is sent to an Outlook user – the top section (Accept, Decline, Tentative) for Outlook, and on the bottom for (Yes, No, Maybe) for Google. Really google and outlook?

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