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Best Green New Deal Evah!

December 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019

How might we...

  • How might we use the Green New Deal fight to fundamentally shift the role of government and diminish corporate power and align around a set of transformational demands that do that?
    • How might we use the Green New Deal fight to build a multi-sector alliance to move a justice-based structural change agenda?
    • How might we use the Green New Deal to de-silo movements?


If people could see videos of labor people why GND would be important to them, then we will be able to get more labor support. 


Crowdsourcing video where got reps from constituencies to talk about what a Green New Deal would do. Short messages, selfie quick.  

  • In split between range of different viral groups, we have to pull back in order to get labor on board. Curious about if you’re navigating that.
    • We don’t feel people should compromise on that. Debate about how we build relationship with labor. There are times where you got to fight. You can’t compromise on this.


  • People excited to speak to the issue from their own perspective.
  • Measure by resolutions that get passed. Union locals who say they’re on board. Constituency groups within labor movement. They all passed statements in solidarity with Standing Rock. Can quantify support within labor.
  • Other sectors and movements we can use to get them actively involved would be a larger success. Resonate with folks who haven’t seen GND as their fight.
  • We support GND if it supports racial justice. That would open up organizing so much more and be more powerful for everybody as want to be more structural and justice based.


  • Two videos were produced through a partnership between and Network for Labor and Sustainability. 
  • See one video here:
  • Ongoing communication between Natalia and Michael created more touch-points for connection, such as having staff at Network for Labor and Sustainability’s annual convergence.  Since this collaborations between the orgs have continued.



Accountable Michael Leon Guerrero, Greisa Martinez, Patrick Reinsborough, Miya Yoshitani
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Modified June 17, 2020
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