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Funnel Cake for the Masses

January 14, 2019 – March 29, 2019

How might we...

  • Base Building: How might we improve our engagement with our members/base to build power?
    • How might the political, digital and organizing departments seamlessly move interested people to being supported members?
    • How do we in our political work, engage people who care about our policies deeply in the organization?


    If we have a clear path in and do this well, then we can engage a critical mass of active and supporting members over the long haul to shift the balance of power.


    • What three policies might we all get behind that we can move forward?
      • Restoration of rights permanent, change constitution.
      • Pass drivers license for all.
      • Living wage in Virginia.
        • What is the role of each department to advance these priorities?
          • How do we in our political work, engage  people who care about our policies deeply in the organization?
            • Into deep organizing?
            • How do we engage the folks online into IRL organizing.?
              • What does it look like through first contact as people move through ladder of engagement?
                • What does it mean to move along engagement ladder?
                • How do we ensure that hundreds or thousands of member are sustained for the long haul?

    Revisit, start with what is working and not working between political and digital departments. Then can we do the same thing with organizing.


    Map out steps on the engagement ladder and clarify how information will move from political, to digital, to organizing teams that will help move someone up the ladder. Figure out flow of information,  if it is a triangle or some other shape.

    Many people are interested in getting involved but don’t have a clear path in. These systems will help us not hemorrhage interested people. 


    Try out this process for a few people. (Develop funnel flow of people and try it out.)


    • We have a shared understanding of what moving up the engagement ladder looks like.
      • Define what it means to be on each step of the ladder of engagement, what is arriving at the end of the rainbow?
      • Comms and Organizing people both know the person is on the ladder of engagement and where they are (holding across that can both access).
    • At least 10 people enter the funnel and move up the engagement ladder.
    • We create more open and clear communications channels between digital, political, comms and organizing teams.


    We will feel hopeful.

    We will feel a stream of possibility, unclogged.  

    Things become easier.


    Throw more spaghetti at the wall digitally. 

    Relatively low lift to put events up and test ways to boost engagement, in this case we did it by video and focus on locales. 


    Being in personal proximity to organizer with digital folks has helped to cross departmental collaboration, much can be lost over email. 


    Communication between departments is key, started a habit of checking in every two weeks across Digital and Organizing. Taking time for reflection and what is learned and problem solve together.


    Considering expanding this through the BaseLab Process


    What are the conditions that allow for quick engagement?  One thing to get in contact but what facilitates people in the door and how do they stay for the long haul. 


    How might we scale this? 


    Would this work again or was this group a stacked deck? (It was monolingual Spanish)

    Accountable Aruna Jain, Thomas Assefa
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    Modified August 21, 2020


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