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July 23, 2018 – August 5, 2018

How might we...

  • How might we most effectively talk with voters of color about abortion access and a constitutional ballot measure to eliminate access for low income women and pregnant people?


If we start an open ended conversation about abortion allows people to unpack their assumptions and stigma, then we can create more opening to identify supporters of IP1/M106 than a straight up persuasion script.


  • Execute a test canvas in the Portland area for 2 scripts for talking about abortion. 
    • A. Deep canvas – 10 min interactive and open ended. Where are you at in access overall on a 1-5 scale? At the end if supportive, talked about ballot measure.
      • Canvas for 3 nights.
    • B. Start by asking directly about M106 ballot measure, close with  pledge to vote. 
      • Canvas for 2 nights.


Data points include:

Anecdotal from canvassers.

Self Ranking of people we talked to:

  • # of people who ID as 5. (full abortion access)
  • # of people who ID as 2-4.

Number of times canvassers  got through entire script. Both scripts are really long! And about an issue people are uncomfortable with.

Measuring the number of Signing of Pledge to Say No. 

Did any of 2-4 move to sign the pledge? 

If data shows us that one is more effective than another.

Qualitative experience of getting everyone in Oregon to go through the experiment. Visceral sense of what the conversation is like on the door.

Experience Canvassers feedback, will be very important. Their feelings of what feels right. Recognizing how these convos feel different on the door than any other.  Balance this knowledge with the data.

Balancing data points to inform decision on Sept 7 canvas script/strategy.


  • Talking to people of color at the door about abortion is powerful. And a little scary,  even to staff. Our movement is not adequately prepared to lead on abortion.
  • Canvassers found this canvass to be deeply impactful on them. Canvassers were moved by participating in the test with us and want to do more of this.
  • Finding our own personal connection to abortion and then sharing it is hard. Telling this story night after night will have an impact – Forward Together needs to prepare for this impact on our paid canvassers.


We will be using the Deep Canvass script as our model, but infusing more of FT’s values and framing as an Reproductive Justice org.


We only had one male identified canvasser. What is it like to have male identified folks talk to women and/or men?   

    • Could we draw the turf so that women talk to women and men talk to men or women? 
    • Is there a difference that happens across genders? 
      • This will impact who we hire.
        • Assumption is that canvas will be at least 50% male because that is norm for canvassers.   
        • Role plays in the interview process. 
        • Might go through multiple rounds of convos.
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